Hello Digital World!!!

After years of resistance to leave the comfy confines of my analogue world womb, I have succumbed to the pressure to finally be born into this modern digital age.  As I unravel the cords and cables, and mop up the electronic afterbirth (sorry to be graphic, but there is more of that coming), I hope to become familiar with this place as I share my experiences.

To start, I am putting my stake in this small plot of land to begin blogging.  My intentions are three: to share

1) my past in hopes of releasing it

2) to connect to the present

3) to dream about the future and my place in it.

To over simplify, 5 years ago, life as I knew it fell apart.  A nightmare scenario happened and I have spent my time since trying to wake up.  Nothing makes me feel more awake than following passion.  I’ve decided that mine can be grouped into five categories (for now).  They will bring focus to what I write. They are (drum roll, please…): rhythm, culture, power, embodiment, and stewardship.  You can find me hanging out where these intersect!

I hope you enjoy the journey and can follow the scenes as they emerge, a menagerie of ghosts, thoughts, and dreams.  My highest dream for myself and for you is that our worlds connect, however it may happen.  Happy trails…

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